All of our cinemas are completely bespoke and designed from scratch with a view to creating something unique and based around your needs. You are welcome to be fully involved in designing your cinema, or to just provide us with key features you'd like, such as the seating arrangement or colour schemes. Alternatively, you are free to simply provide us your budget and let us get to work designing, then upon your approval, the building and installation of your new cinema.

Our services include:

  • Complete and various CAD designs of the Cinemaster's proposal, based upon your property and cinema requirements

  • The administration of planning permission if the designs are outside of the permitted scope (we will deal with everything required, start to finish, including block & site plans, CAD drawing submissions and filing)

  • The complete build and install of your cinema to the handover of keys

  • Optional maintenance plan for the upkeep of your cinema, whether it's exterior treatments or equipment upgrades

  • We can also fully landscape garden designs alongside the cinema install - and yes, they're as extravagant as our cinemas

Also, please note that whilst the majority of our publicity refers to our cinemas as 'sheds', they are far from this. Each cinema is essentially a full out-house taken to the next level. This subsequently means we cannot convert existing sheds into cinemas, although garages and other outbuildings can be considered if the structures are suitable.

Cinema Builds



We are capable of creating anything you can imagine, whether it's a subterranean hobbit hole style build (see images below) or even a tree-top cinema, we will design and build it to an extremely high standard; don't be afraid to ask anything!


We are happy to fit out our cinema buildings for any purpose as well, such as sound-proofed music studios which will allow you to practice louder instruments in comfort and without sound pollution - contact us for more information.


We have already designed a complete tree-house cinema and are looking for a good location and client for this build, so if this is something which you are interested in and you have an appropriately sized property, then please get in contact with us; if you're aware of tree-house master Peter Nelson's work, then you will have an idea of what we have in store and we'll be offering this build at a one-off superb price. We also have designs, which I'll be sharing soon, of a huge private cinema and gaming complex build which includes a separate 15-21 seat cinema, pool table and games room, bar and arcade area - so if you have the budget and want something incredible, let me know.



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