Mid-build feature test video:

Our first garage refit, and at 5.4x5.4m this fully air-conditioned and heated cinema is our largest yet. The brief of this cinema was to seat 8 people in comfort and to include some form of karaoke - so when designing, I worked entirely around the furniture choices, integrating them entirely in the design.

With fully functioning, lit-up bar, high-definition 3D projector, Dolby Atmos 5.1.2 surround sound, a multitude of streaming devices, multi-region Blu-ray player, 120" screen size,


Building Specifications

  • Double garage refit with 145mm internal stud wall subframe

  • Split air-conditioner unit, wall mounted interior and exterior with heating capabilities

  • Heavy duty plasterboard for further sound reduction along with decoupling principles and double layered insulation

  • Sound proofed, triple locking external door with cladding added for desired finishing effect and further protection

  • Fully handmade custom railings, stairs, and units throughout

  • Motion sensing outdoor lights


  • Upper tier: 5 lazy boy reclining cinema style seats

  • Lower tier: Corner couch unit


  • BenQ W1050 3d & HD projector roof mounted with hidden cable run

  • Denon x2200 AV Receiver allowing Atmos, 4k, Bluetooth and more

  • Canton movie 75 centre speaker and under platform subwoofer (with built in access hatch for upgrades/maintenance)

  • Skytec 120W main speakers for fronts and surrounds - cost effective and easy to upgrade at a later date

  • Cambridge Sound C155 ceiling speakers for Atmos support

  • High gauge speaker wire for quality and future proofing to a higher degree specifiation

  • Multi-region Blu-ray Player - supports 3d movies and connects to streaming services, e.g. Netflix, YouTube, etc

  • Roku Ultra for Sling Player Support

  • Apple TV

  • Vocal Star vs1200 karaoke machine with 4x wireless microphone setup and mounted lyrics monitor

  • 8 port network switch wired in with Cat 6 for gigabit network support

  • PSM Screens Maxiwhite projector canvas over a custom frame


  • Dimming LED main lights

  • Dimming LED stage lights overhead

  • Dimming LED bar lights

  • Incandescent feature bulbs for the 'dressing room' design

  • 200 fibre optic star ceiling with adjustable effects and remote control

  • LED strip lights around bar with RGB colour changing functions and more

  • LED strip lights on upper seating unit for ambience

  • 4 x 36 LED light units driven by the Obey 4 light controller

  • Outdoor security light with proximity sensor to assist in leaving/arriving in the dark

The Bar​

  • Fully custom made to accommodate and accentuate the required functions of the cinema

  • Hand-routed and bevelled wood from bare timber for exceptional finish

  • LED strip downlighting for ambience with RGB and rotating light effects

  • Philips Perfectdraft beer system installed with Goose Island Midway

  • Fully equipped with glassware and shelving

  • Fridge installed behind bar for drinks/snacks/etc

  • Plug outlet (USB style) routed to convenient position within the cinema

  • Double tiered AV equipment rack in convenient location from seating position

  • Fully custom made counter top, including epoxy resin coating for protection and sheen finish


  • Air extraction: dedicated air-con system twinned with added snaked sound proof ventilation channels used to eliminate incoming and outgoing sound pollution

  • Snack counter: custom made popcorn unit attached to the bar

  • Numerous power sockets for convenience

  • Interior decoration:

  • Hand crafted and routed wooden pillars

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The Torii Cinema Company 2020 

Bedford, UK

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